Master's Monkeys was formed in spring 2005 by Paul A. Kessler and Anto A. Marijic. Paul & Anto started as a duo, recorded their first 5-track EP and had their first live show as Master's Monkeys in Berlin, January 2006. Later that year Paul moved to Germany's former capital Bonn, wrote a lot of new songs and looked for further musicians to work with. After a Germany tour, Paul published a Master's Monkeys live album, called "Street Theater 2008".

In summer 2009 the song 'Over & Over Again' was the winning song in a competition of the West German Radio and not much later Paul finished his first LP "Under The Shade Of A Pine" in October 2009. At the end of February 2010 the song 'Little Prostitute' was the next winning song of the WDR 2 radio competition.

In 2010 the label ROXON Records (MCDP International) signed Master's Monkeys and released
"Under The Shade Of A Pine". The debut has earned a lot of good feedback from all corners of the earth.

The EP "Tales From The Countryside" with early recordings followed in summer 2011.

During 2012 the band was busy with producing the next LP project called "Movie Theater" and finished the work

at the beginning of this year.

A fitting description of the music was given by a fan, who listened to Master's Monkeys on
“It's like Tom Waits creeping around the Grimm Brothers enchanted forest.“ Street ballads, crime stories and traumatic dreamworlds – Sometimes bluesy, sometimes jazzy and always reflecting a special and particular atmosphere. By this time, many listeners and several representatives of the music industry have shown their
interest in this new extravagant band from Germany.

Up to date line-up of Master's Monkeys:

Paul Aka Kessler sings lead vocals and plays electric and acoustic guitar. He also writes & produces all songs.

Lukas Carthaus takes care of the lower notes, playin' electric & double bass.

Farsin Chahidi is an all-round musician. He plays trumpet, theremin, xylophone and bluesharp.

Frank Beilstein gives the beat, playin' drums & percussion. He also plays accordion.

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